Find Out Why You Need to Install a Forklift Camera System

5 min readJan 5, 2022

Obscured visibility while operating a forklift is the major cause of most forklift accidents. The accident causes injury to the operator and damages the machine, bringing unnecessary losses to the company. There are several cases where a forklift driver died due to forklift accidents. Hence, the company can suffer losses in multiple ways. According to the OSHA reports, there are over 34,000 yearly injuries caused by forklift accidents.

If you dig deeper into these reports, you will know that six companies, on average, lose around 85 workers yearly due to the deaths caused by forklift injuries. In the US, the death rate is one person within three workdays every week. Thus, it is more than around two deaths weekly. In the UK, the numbers are even worse as five or more forklift workers get seriously injured every single day.

Although the numbers look scary, there are ways with which you can avoid forklift accidents and stay safe. Out of all such safety measures, the best one that has strived in the market so far is the Forklift safety camera. Whatever be the type of accident caused by forklifts, companies have found this device very helpful over time. As most such mishaps occur due to limited visibility of the operator, more than half of the issues are solved with a forklift safety camera.

Using this device, one can easily get clear visibility and stay focused on work. If you are still not sure whether the camera system will help, let us help you know the benefits of a forklift safety camera. Keep reading to find out!

➢ Benefits of Forklift Safety Camera

Our experts have laid down some of the best benefits of installing a forklift safety camera to avoid accidents. Have a look:

It is super effective when it comes to cargo transportation. When the entire surrounding is in view, the operator can easily lift heavy loads while protecting the cargo.

Often while operating a forklift, the driver cannot see everything in the rear-view mirror. The workers can communicate about the surroundings, but that isn’t the most effective way of seeing the obstacles. But when a forklift safety camera is installed, the driver will get an all-around view of the surroundings right in front of his eyes. With no confusion, the work will be done seamlessly.

The camera captures images in high quality; even a minor obstacle can be viewed clearly. The high-quality image also makes sure that the operator’s eyes do not get strained over time.

When there is a device that can help the operator see the surroundings easily, he can relax and control the equipment smoothly. It also allows him to sit in a relaxed position when there is no need to bend the neck to get a better view of the surroundings. As there is less bending of the neck and the posture is better, the chances of neck injury and pain decrease significantly. Less pain also ensures higher productivity of the worker.

If the operator has a tendency to drive the forklift at high speed, then also the forklift safety camera comes in handy. It keeps the driver focused on the surrounding image, and hence, as the operator cannot move his eye from the screen, he cannot increase the speed effectively. This helps in keeping the speed of the forklift in check and, therefore, ensuring better security.

➢ Should You Install a Forklift Safety Camera?

As you can see, this device can be really helpful if someone wants to avoid forklift accidents altogether. Unfortunately, not many companies understand the vitality of the equipment until they use it. Certain organizations install it after they have already faced the loss and cannot bear it again. But we do not want you to experience the same! If you have already encountered such instances, then, of course, you should get it installed right away without thinking twice. But even if you haven’t, you should install a forklift safety camera. Do not wait for something to happen. Investing your money in this device will help you prevent major accidents related to the life and death of your workers!

➢ From Where Can You Buy the Best Forklift Safety Camera?

Companies often do not know from where they should be buying forklift safety cameras of premium quality. If you, too, are confused, then SharpEagle is your answer. We, at SharpEagle, provide the best quality cameras to our clients. We make sure that each camera is tested well before bringing them to you. Our team also ensures that the cameras consist of the modern high-tech features in the market. The features included in our camera devices are perfect for your safety.

Our support team is also there to assist you 24X7. If you have any queries before buying the product, we will provide you complete assistance. Even after the purchase is made, we support you in every aspect, whether it’s product queries or questions related to the installation procedure. We also offer a guide with every camera on how to use it safely and how to take care of the product. If you are still wondering whether buying from us will be a good decision; fret not as we have been in the industry for several years and promise you the best. Trust us, and you won’t regret it!

Final Word

We hope this article helped you know why there is a need to install a forklift safety camera immediately if you haven’t already. Please do not procrastinate when it comes to your safety. Install this camera as early as possible and bring down the number of forklift accidents at your place. For those who have a budget constraint, they need not worry as you will get forklift safety cameras in every price range at SharpEagle.




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